"My City is a Fort" Author

Kathy Watson lives in Fort Smith with her husband, Lee, and their two sons, Zane and Pierce. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kathy received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She worked at KFRU in Columbia, Missouri, before moving to Fort Smith 25 years ago to work at KWHN radio. While at the station she hosted a daily afternoon drive talk show and received more than 20 awards for news reporting from the Arkansas Associated Press. For more than 21 years, she has worked as an aide to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Outside of work, Kathy enjoys writing, singing, hiking, and attending music performances and plays with her family. This is her first children’s book. Kathy’s essays on life and family can be found at: goodtimegreatstory.wordpress.com.

Kathy wrote the poem “My City is a Fort” to help local kids celebrate Fort Smith’s bi-centennial. In addition to the book, the poem inspired several bi-centennial events for kids, including a fort building competition and a speech contest. 

“I am excited that kids (of all ages) have a chance to learn about Fort Smith,” Watson said. “We all build forts and expand our imagination with visions of life in other times and places. Even as adults it is fun to dream about what we would put in our fort and what adventures we would have. But what if your fort was a real city? When I imagined Fort Smith as a fort that children built, it really came to life as a special place.”

In building a fort, Kathy would make extra shelves for books, always have music and plenty of paper and pencils, and even make room for a piano so everyone could come over to sing and dance.