"My City is a Fort" Artist

stacy bates

Stacy Bates (Stacy Bee Art) is an artist and art teacher from Fort Smith, Arkansas. She graduated with a BA degree in Art and a minor in Education from the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas.

Upon graduating, she returned to Fort Smith where she now lives with her husband and teaches elementary art at both Woods Elementary and Beard Elementary.

Her work mainly specializes in creating pen and ink illustrations, along with murals, that combine her two favorite styles – drawing and printmaking. Her work appears on a variety of projects, from gig posters for musical acts to Arkansas-themed illustrations to public murals.

During the past two years, she has completed six murals in Arkansas and Oklahoma and her illustrations have been featured in four separate books. This past year alone, her work has been on exhibit at several Arkansas galleries and multiple times in Los Angeles, among others.

If Stacy was building a fort, she would fill it with all of her art supplies, music, and photos of her family and friends, so she could have all her favorite things together in one place.